Lastest News

September 29, 2018! Prof. Ning Xiong's will give a speech about Deep learning of recurrent neural networks and applications. (Click

September 29, 2018! Prof. Lena Halounova 's speech is available and speech title is Remote Sensing as a Part of the Geoinformation Technology. (Click

September 28, 2018! The simple program of SSIP2018 is available here and detailed program will be emailed soon. (Click)

September 27, 2018! Prof. Petr Kubicek's speech is about Sensing the Population Rhythmicity. (Click)

September 26, 2018! Welcome Prof. Ryszard Stasiński from Poznan University of Technology, Poland to make a plenary speech in SSIP2018!His speech title is A New Fast Multi-Context Method for Lossless Image Coding. (Click)

August 14, 2018! SSIP 2018 has extended the submission deadline to Aug.22. Welcome to submit your paper!(Click)

June 23, 2018! Thanks for Prof. Petr Kubicek's support! He has linked SSIP2018 news to official pages of his department.

June 23, 2018! Welcome Prof. Petr Kubicek from Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic to make a keynote speech in SSIP2018!

June 23, 2018! Welcome Prof. Lena Halounova from ISPRS Secretary General, Czech Technical University, Prague to make a keynote speech in SSIP2018!

June 13, 2018! Welcome Professor Rajesh Siddavatam, IEEE Senior Member & ACM Senior Member, VICE CHANCELLOR of SAVEETHA AMARAVATI UNIVERSITY, ANDHRA PRADESH, India to make a plenary speech in SSIP2018!

April 9, 2018! Welcome Prof. Vit Vozenilek, Palacky University, Czech Republic to act as our local conference chair and keynote speaker in Prague!

March 26, 2018! Welcome Assoc. Prof. Dr. Càndid Reig from University of Valencia, Spain to join our technical committees!

March 25, 2018! Welcome Dr. Edwin Lughofer of University of Linz, Austria to join our technical committees!

March 23, 2018! Welcome Prof. Theodor D. Popescu from National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Romania to be part of our technical committees!

March 22, 2018! Prof. Julian Fierrez from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain is welcome to make a plenary speech!

March 5, 2018! SSIP 2018 will be held in Prague in October 12-14, 2018. Call for papers Now!